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IAS Researchers Published in Harvard Business Review

September 20, 2017

Our Internet Advantage Strategies (IAS) are founded on a unique research approach that combines machine learning and mining big data. The research team at alpha-DNA produces these equity picks. The research has many interesting applications.

In fact, the applications are so interesting that the Harvard Business Review chose to publish an article by our research team about the power of tracking a company's digital signal. You should check out the article: "Are You Accurately Measuring Your Company's Digital Strength?"

It's a short read, but I've pulled out a few of the more interesting snippets:

Our findings: A number of digital metrics, or signals, that aren't widely tracked today are very strong predictors of revenue growth and share price. They include the following:

Digital magnitude. Simply put, this is the aggregate of all digital measures (visits, page views, social media views, social media visitors, etc.). Understanding your company's magnitude versus those of competitors is a key indicator.

Digital share. Your company's digital share is its magnitude divided by the sum of the magnitude of its competitive set. You should compare this number to your company's actual market share. If your digital share is larger than you market share, you are in a strong position to increase your market share.

Digital momentum. A simple way for a company to calculate its momentum is for it to take monthly snapshots of all metrics and track which are increasing or decreasing.

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