Product Solutions for Advisors

Alpha DNA offers Advisors multiple solutions for their clients: an ETF or a Managed Account.

Exchange Traded Fund

Our ETF offering is the Advisor Shares Alpha DNA Equity Sentiment ETF (ticker: SENT). It offers our unique equity selection coupled with a downside Hedge. Click here to visit the AdvisorShares web site to find out more.

Separately Managed Accounts

Alpha DNA offers three specific Hedged Equity solutions in a Managed Account structure. The Managed Accounts are offered at multiple custodians. We've observed that advisors that use SMAs in their practice prefer the transparency and customization that SMAs offer. Click here to learn more about our SMA offerings.

AdvisorShares Alpha DNA Equity Sentiment ETF

Alpha DNA’s ETF is based on its most popular managed account: the Alpha DNA All Caps Hedged Equity strategy.

We chose to launch the ETF to expand the tool box for Advisors because it would:

  • Provide a more tax efficient solution compared to our SMAs for taxable accounts
  • Allow advisors committed to ETF asset allocation to adopt our ETF in to their model designs

Click below to learn more about the AdvisorShares Alpha DNA Equity Sentiment ETF (SENT):

We offer three hedged equity strategies.

Each offers a specific market cap exposure: Large Cap, Mid/Small Cap, or All Caps.

Separately Managed Accounts from Alpha DNA

Research more about our Hedged Equity SMA offerings by clicking on the strategy below:

SMAs offer transparency and customization for advisors

Alpha DNA offers its SMA solution through Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and InteractiveBrokers. If you work with a different custodian, we are open to adding more custodian platforms.

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