Alpha DNA Strategies

Alpha DNA is a quantamental research based manager and our firm claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS*). A list of composite descriptions and a presentation that complies with GIPS* standards is available upon request.

We find break out trading opportunities in equities in the large, mid, and small cap space. 

Our research identifies companies that are likely to surprise the market with their revenue and earnings performance in the upcoming quarters. Using traditional and alternative data sources, we are able to quantify hidden demand trends and convert them in to successful trading signals. Our approach arbitrages the gap between our quantitative estimate of the firm’s performance and the Wall Street analyst estimates. 

We produce both long and short signals at a stock level and implement a proprietary risk-on/risk-off approach.

We implement in four approaches:

  • IAS - Equity Long Short - Separate Managed Account

  • IAS - Best Equity Picks (long only) - Separate Managed Account

  • IAS - Concentrated US Equity Long Short - Separate Managed Account

  • IAS - Mid & Small Cap US Equity Long Short - Separate Managed Account